Global Missional
AI Summit

9 - 11 April 2024


Wycliffe Headquarters
11221 John Wycliffe Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32832

AI Collaboration Accelerated

“AI Collaboration Accelerated” is designed to converge the realms of AI innovation and spiritual discipleship. As AI continues to mature, this conference aims to create collaborative avenues, breaking down silos and focusing on real-world, kingdom impact. Whether you’re an AI professional, a spiritual leader, or simply intrigued by the interplay of technology and spirituality, join more than 300 individuals from over 100 organizations, representing over 30 countries.
Delve into topics like ethics, trust and theology of AI, quality control, impact-driven AI, and multimodal AI, shared by leading experts and practitioners. Engage in enlightening panel discussions, workshops, and Q&A sessions, and connect with like-minded individuals to foster new collaborations.
Expect to leave with enhanced knowledge of how AI can accelerate Bible Translation and Kingdom Growth, practical skills and tools to innovate in your respective fields, and inspirational ideas that can fuel future projects and initiatives.
Some key focuses of the conference are:

Featured Speakers

Speakers for our 2024 summit to be confirmed.


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