Global Missional
AI Summit

Dates & location for our 2024 summit to be announced.

What does it mean for the Global Church to practice Radical Data Generosity?

What kind of Data Cooperation might God be calling us to as individual members of a united Body of Christ?

How can we intentionally form, build, and grow relationships and partnerships that foster Kingdom-minded Data Collaboration.

If you’re familiar with the field of AI, you know that working together to bring together large datasets is a huge key to success.

So, with this year’s theme of Innovation Through Data Collaboration, Summit organizers are calling on attendees to not only ask these questions but to seek God’s guidance as we gather for 3 days at the Wycliffe Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We’ll have speakers (more info soon!) exploring how data collaboration and generosity has impacted their work and there will ample opportunities to network to see what new collaborations God might call you to be involved with this year.

There will be on campus lodging options available and several meals provided so please stay tuned for more details in the coming days and weeks.

We pray you’ll join us to see what God has in store.

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Speakers for our 2024 summit to be confirmed.


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