MAI2024 Summit Videos

James Poulter - Talking Gods: How the Church should Ready itself for Ethical AI Adoption

Leio McLaren - Unveiling Bible.Ai: Igniting a Global Spiritual Revival

Ian Spier - Emerging Trends in Tech & AI Law

Éric Célérier - The Urgent Need for an Open Source Christian AI

Jonathan Call - Welcome and Devotion

Dr Thomas Keller - Human-Centric AI: Amplifying Collaboration via Generative Collective Intelligence

Stuart Cranney - The Augmentation Dilemma: A New Challenge for AI Innovation

Dr K - From Confusion to Calling: The Tower of Babel and the Abrahamic Covenant

Joel Mathew & Dr Ulf Hermjakob - Greek Room: Quality Checking Tools for Bible Translators

Dr Del Christman - AI-Enabled Discipleship: Use of LLMs and AI Tools in Apps and Online

Daniel Wilson - Addressing Data Scarcity for Long-Tail Languages

Damien Daspit - Lynx: Equipping Bible Translators with Intelligent, Context-aware Editing Tools

Dal Anderson - Welcome and Devotion

Practical AI Panel #1 - Why Collaboration is Essential in the Emerging Market for AI Missional Apps

Matthew Lanham & Daniel Whitenack - Amplifying Great Commission Work Through Academic and Industry

Roo Mabuya - Empowering Multilingual Communities: The Role of the South African Centre

Nick Kim & Joanna Ng - Lausanne’s Digital Ecosystem for the Global Church

Spence Green - Generative AI for Scaled Multimodal Kingdom Content

Sign Language & AI Panel - AI Applications in Sign Language Bible Translation Processes

Gregory Richardson - Leveraging AI for Global Faith-Based Organizations: A Strategic Framework

Practical AI Panel #2 - Why Collaboration is Essential in the Emerging Market for AI Missional Apps

Adam Graber & Marcus Schwarting - AI Ethics in Ministry: Aligning LLMs with Christian Principles

Ryder Wishart - Taking Stock of AI for Bible Translation: Processes, Potential, and Progress

Mark Woodward - Ten Ways to Make Sure No One Uses Your AI Tool

Mark Tabladillo - AI Leadership through Community

Ben Amundgaard - Leveraging AI to Streamline Multilingual Editing and Translation at a Global Scale

Adam Graber, Marcus Schwarting & Thomas Osborn - AI and Faith Panel

Christine Abernathy - Reimagining AI through the Lens of Redemptive Technology

Mark Sears - The Relational Renaissance: AI's Role in Enriching Personal Relationships

Stephen Cave - Welcome and Devotion

MAI Going Forward Panel

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