The Future of Missional AI

As discussed in the final session of the Global Missional AI Summit 2024, we are at a key crossroads as a conference and movement. 

The 2024 conference was a significant lift, doubling in size from the 2023 conference. With over 575 attendees (300 in-person, 275 virtual) from more than 250 organizations representing 46 countries, there was an impressive assembly of leaders both in the room and online. This clearly underscores the necessity for a space where AI leaders and technologists can meet, learn, and connect.

In order for the conference to continue we need organisations to step forward and help sponsor the event. We have made a decision to keep the ticket prices low and accessible to almost anyone who wants to join. The reality is that most of the cost of the conference (around 70%) is made possible by the sponsors of the event. 

We want to continue to do this conference, but between now and mid-July we will need some organisations and funders to come to the table. 

If you are interested in a partnership with Missional AI, please reach out to Joshua Seale, the chair of the Missional AI planning committee to discuss more. You can book a time with him via this link. 

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